Growth Scholarship Program

Why we set up Byootique Growth Scholarship Program?

Regardless of where you are in your career, there is always room to get better. Whether you’re a makeup hobbyist, beauty student, or established makeup artist, there is no limitation to the creative skills you can learn or the unique techniques you can add to your portfolio.

Every success story has a beginning; we can help you find yours.

What we can offer?
  • Let us teach you how to choose the right makeup case for your budget and how to upgrade your equipment as you book more jobs!
  • Be the first to get a hold of our newest merchandise and products. We’d be happy to sponsor your makeup contest, trade show event, showcase, or any considerable milestone in your career.
  • Sign up with us and be the first to access our latest products and give your feedback. This is your chance to help us form the product the way you want it! Plus, receive exclusive credits to our best-selling merchandise, access to industry connections, and much more! 

How Can I Start?

To qualify, all you need to do is give us some love on social media! Share what you enjoy most about our products and use our platform to get to the next level in your career!


The program details will be published soon.

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