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#Service Compared in Detail Table#

The Third Channel Website  Apply to
* Accessory of Makeup Case Warranty
Wheel Replacement 1 year 2 years Applicable to makeup cases with removable wheels, whether damaged by normal use or by human negligence, we are willing to replace the item as long as they are within the warranty time.
Insert Division Bag/Part - 1 year Applicable to organizer bags or boxes.
Power Cord Replacement - 1 year Applicable to vanity/makeup cases with wires.
* Makeup Case Warranty
Return Policy 30 days 45 days
Brand Warranty 45 days 60 days During the rand warranty period, returns are accepted if the product do not affect secondary sales.
* Special Return Policy
Holiday Season 10.01-12.31 10.01-12.31 the items shipped between October 1 and December 31 can be returned until January 31.
New Item 30 days 90 days New products within 90 days (30 days shelf-time are new products) can enjoy 90 days return policy from the date of purchase.
Accessory 30 days 180 days For orders that purchased accessories separately, if the accessories are broken, you will enjoy the first part of the warranty


More Services in Preparation:

  • Orders purchased on the third party marketplace are only eligible for the platform's warranty policy. However, becoming a member of our official website will offer you more warranty and services for your third party marketplace orders. Platforms include but are not limited to the following third-party platforms: Amazon, Walmart, Wish, eBay, Sears.
  • BYOOTIQUE actively cooperate with various platforms. We will continue to increase cooperation with social media, online celebrities, makeup schools, personal studios and so on. Of course, our membership service policy and warranty will extend to these areas.


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