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About Us


Let us help you Turn Dreams into Realities 

You knew your destiny the instant your hand touched your first pair of feathery brushes. The whiff of milky creams and powder danced inside your nostrils. Shooting stars lit up your mind, and you discovered: You were a makeup artist.  

Makeup is not only your passion; it is your profession. As always, the path to success is cluttered with pitfalls and turmoil, but Byootique is here to help you along your cosmetic journey.

Most careers begin with smaller challenges - A family member’s prom, A friend’s birthday. Each time, you use your skills to make those special moments even more unforgettable. However, it doesn’t take long to realize that you’re wasting expensive makeup due to spills, smudges, and disorganization.

In 2015, we provided our makeup cases on Amazon with the sole purpose of protecting your most valued makeup products from the dangers of heat, water, and, worst of all, disorder.

We know that the better you take care of your makeup equipment ensures its quality and longevity. When you organize and preserve your professional brushes, you simply get more use out of them. Not only will this help save you money, but it will give you that professional look you need to move forward with your career.

So in 2020, we established the brand: BYOOTIQUE.   

 We are Partnered with YescomUSA!

Why Yescom?

Yescom is a company focused on passion; yours and ours! We strive to bring passion to our work and we do so by displaying it in the following categories:

(1) the relationship between the market and customer need,

(2) the deployment of resources in terms of faster production of product trends and product design,

(3) a commitment to customer service,

(4) superb interactive communication with customers, and (5) product enhancement through ongoing dialogue with customers in the form of customer feedback and reviews to meet individual customer needs.

Relationship between the Market and Customer Need

The main reason for making the decision to choose Yescom is our strong company focus. This strong focus is grounded in knowledge of the interrelationship between market implementation and customer needs. Yescom focuses on the needs of customers in our segment, in order to be one step ahead in product iteration and next-gen release.

Faster Production of Product Trends

Our large-scale distribution base is located in California & Georgia with access to the entire United States. Yescom's supply chain background allows us to deploy resources in the raw material/supply market to facilitate a super quick turnover through faster production models and product refreshment based on customer demand trends.

Commitment to Customer Service

Our warehouse has an advanced inventory that is designed to get the product in the quickest way to the customer. Yescom's commitment to service is reflected in accurate service promises. Yescom achieves what it promises through accurate service content by way of a baseline that includes a more stable supply chain support beyond the industry average level plus detailed pre-sales and post-sales service team training.

Interactive Communication with Customers

Yescom offers a willingness to share and communicate with customers more from the "heart" by being willing to listen to actual customers' voices in order to understand their needs. Finally, from product development to testing and trial, to the end product enhancement, Yescom's staff works constantly collecting feedback and reviews to suit each customer’s individual needs. Yescom's future plans include inviting our customers to join the interactive process with us.

Your first tool is an over the shoulder traveling soft makeup case. Perfect for quick and easy trips, the flexible leather strap helps you get to your appointments quicker!

Now that you’re more mobile, you’re free to use your talents far and wide. While your client base begins to grow, more critical jobs start coming in! Your reputation has gotten out, and the word of your artistry has spread to local photographers and fashion students!

You need to keep your sound quality makeup, and your makeup tools, pristine!

We’re up again. A bigger job calls for a bigger case. Presenting our 2-in-1, 4 wheel aluminum makeup cases.  We listened to your needs and created a customizable hard-rolling makeup case that will have you prepared for the next cosmetic adventure, regardless of what the rain, sleet, or heat throws at you! Tailor our products to your needs. As you grow, we grow, and we want to help you achieve all of your goals.

Makeup is an essential part of every great memory. It adds color to life’s most precious moments and is vital in photography, filmography, and almost all forms of entertainment media. There is no doubt that a skilled makeup artist is always in need. 

However, the life of a makeup artist is competitive and expensive. It could be hard to book appointments, find new clients, and hold on to old ones. Many makeup artists disappear.

We don’t want to see this happen. We help the traveling makeup artist down the path of success, starting at the beginning and growing with you each step of the way. No matter where your journey takes your professional career, Byootique is always here to help.

Not only do we want to help you in every stage of your career, but we want to invest in you. That’s why we look forward to future partnerships with schools and makeup artists that will spread education through web seminars, online courses, and scholarship programs. Like you, we want to work with our clients and help them grow, especially at the beginning of their careers. We offer free shipping to most states and qualified customers.  

Tell us what you need. We’ll make it happen.
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