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Byootique Series Intro

Byootique Global

Posted on October 13 2022

Byootique Series Intro

Byootique Essential Series


The Byootique Essential series was created for the everyday use of the makeup hobbyist. In this collection, expect lightweight cosmetic bags with comfortable straps and convenient, but stylish, compartments for all of your makeup tools.


Do you like making Tik-Toks? This Essential series is perfect for utilizing every tool in your makeup arsenal. The easy-to-use compartments allow you to organize your kit turning you into an efficient makeup artist. This series emphasizes the lightweight compact design for on-the-go makeup applications. Need a makeup case that specializes in utility? Essential cases come with back straps, slings, and handles allowing you to take your beauty supplies anywhere hassle-free.


Byootique FuHold Series

For the artist who needs to travel in bulk for large-scale events or demonstrations, you need a makeup case that travels well and protects your equipment as you move and work. The Byootique FuHold Series is the perfect assistant for any one-person army, built from sturdy material with complete four-wheel control.


Need something a bit more robust? These makeup rolling cases are perfect for mobilizing large quantities of makeup perpetuating the best tool for beauty travel. A versatile makeup artist will open up various opportunities to help others reach their beauty goals. There might be a small indie film crew that will need a traveling makeup artist to help them with their projects providing you with the perfect opportunity to perform your art on the go.


Byootique MassLux Series

The Byootique MassLux Collection brings flair to the workplace with special color configurations of every shade of the rainbow! Choose from colors like Rose Gold, Brilliant Blue, Rich Red, Malachite Green, patterns, and more!

Match your energy with your makeup kit with our array of extravagant color arrangements. Stand out in any situation with your colorful makeup travel cases. If your in beauty school, having a colorful unique case will help you stand out in the class and highlight your personality.


Byootique UrStudio Series

Create your own pop-up dressing room with Byootique UrStudio Series transformable makeup cases. Ideal for professional performers and makeup artists alike, UrStudio makeup cases provide private dressing rooms in a convenient space, assuring you have everything you need to look your absolute best!


A versatile makeup artist will promote your business by being accessible to your clients in any location propagating your clientele base. 


Byootique Explore Series

The Byootique Explore Series is the perfect case for the traveling artist that needs to move a lot of equipment. Our collection is versatile and portable, as these high-quality cases are fixed with 360° rotating wheels, making it easy to navigate through busy workrooms and harsh terrains. 

Byootique Nail Case & Station

From beginning Manicurists to professional Nail Technicians, our Rolling Nail cases will get you and your tools to your next appointment effortlessly!

These cases come with utility compartments allowing you to take large quantities of makeup supplies in an organized fashion.

Byootique Hair Case & Bag

Calling all Hairdressers, Barbers, and Tonsorialists! Come on, come all and let Byootique do any heavy lifting! These rolling hair cases are designed to furnish you with a place for all the tools you need to serve your next client.

Written By Eric Arambula

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