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Yogurt Li

Posted on November 14 2022

Become a BIP Member today

We’re up again. A bigger job calls for a bigger case. Presenting our 2-in-1, 4 wheel aluminum makeup cases.  We listened to your needs and created a customizable hard-rolling makeup case that will have you prepared for the next cosmetic adventure, regardless of what the rain, sleet, or heat throws at you! Tailor our products to your needs. As you grow, we grow, and we want to help you achieve all of your goals.

Makeup is an essential part of every great memory. It adds color to life’s most precious moments and is vital in photography, filmography, and almost all forms of entertainment media. There is no doubt that a skilled makeup artist is always in need. 

However, the life of a makeup artist is competitive and expensive. It could be hard to book appointments, find new clients, and hold on to old ones. Many makeup artists disappear.

We don’t want to see this happen. We help the traveling makeup artist down the path of success, starting at the beginning and growing with you each step of the way. No matter where your journey takes your professional career, Byootique is always here to help.

Not only do we want to help you in every stage of your career, but we want to invest in you. That’s why we look forward to future partnerships with schools and makeup artists that will spread education through web seminars, online courses, and scholarship programs. Like you, we want to work with our clients and help them grow, especially at the beginning of their careers. 

  • Member Exclusive MUA Expert Face to Face Chat
  • Byootique will organize professional makeup artists to share their skills and experiences.

  • We will invite Byootique Gold Members and above to study with professional makeup artists face to face.

  • Member exclusive Makeup Course
  • Byootique will provide a series of makeup courses that range from basic to professional skill levels.

  • Byootique will also arrange makeup courses online and offline to catch the latest fashion makeup trends and analyze its techniques.

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